Will Azealia Banks Survive Until Her Album Finally Gets Released? AKA The Compendium of YUNG RAPUNXEL’s Twitter Beefs

Will Azealia Banks Survive Until Her Album Finally Gets Released?

We can only attempt to visualise what the Azealia Banks/Disclosure collab may have looked like above – but alas, it won’t be a reality (at least not any time soon).

Another day, another Azealia Banks interview furore breaks out throughout social media only to confirm that basically she has shelved another project due to a personal beef/trifle with producers who haven’t done exactly as she wished.
This time it was young production duo Disclosure who were suffered a shelving – I don’t think they’re particularly likely to care considering they have some pretty impressive album sales from their pretty impressive debut and some phenomenal reviews to boot (which you can find right here by the way).

If you cast your memories back a few… weeks? She shunned production by ‘Harlem Shake’ producer Baauer stating that the edit he released didn’t show her flow in the best light… and then there was Iggy Azalea… and Nicki Minaj…. and Perez Hilton…

See below for proof – my point is that even though her ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’ debut has been pushed back again and again… will the industry and anyone affiliated with it murder her before it manages to hit the ‘shelves’?


azealiavskreay1 Azealia-Banks-to-Rita-Ora azealiabanks-twitter Screen shot 2012-07-31 at 5.11.16 PM_png_630x637_q85 azealia-banks-twitter-account tweets11 Azealia Banks tweet azealiavsnicki AZTWITTERBEEF

Or is she just the queen of using negativity to promote herself to her benefit.

We’ll find out soon, I guess.


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