One of our favourite British exports here at rara – we’ve loved Jarvis since we were nippers watching the Brit Awards 1996 when he showed us his buttocks during Michael Jackson’s rendition of ‘Earth Song’ – a song which at the time remained at the number one spot for about half a year? It seemed to go on forever – but time maybe moves slower when you’re younger?

Who’s to tell.

Anyway here are 5 points of trivia about Jarvis for your perusal:

1) Jarvis founded Arabacus Pulp, but he changed and called the band just Pulp.

2) It took almost 15 years to Pulp really started to make success and being under the public eye. The band was formed in 1978 and in 1994 things started to change to the band.

3) in 1988 Jarvis went to St. Martin’s College where he studied Fine Art and Film, during this time he took a break from Pulp

4) To an extent Pulp’s fame is partially due to The Stone Roses: Pulp only played Glastonbury Festival in June of 1995 because The Stone Roses weren’t able to do the show. They were called in just weeks before the festival. 

5) ‘Don’t Let Him Waste Your Time’ and ‘Baby’s Coming Back To Me’ were released by Nancy Sinatra in her 2004 self-titled album before been release by Jarvis in his first solo album Jarvis in 2007.


Find all of his records including rarities and B-side here.


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