Should Old Rappers Just Quit?


Looking through the evidence recently you can see a trend emerging: celebrities just simply refuse to disappear.

Even when they’re down and out, the chips are down, their agent doesn’t call, their wife has left, the kids don’t speak to them any more.. they somehow still manage to resuscitate themselves on something whether it be a grill, a reality television show, a name-changing sweet or just a mind-blowing amount of collaborations.

The latest chap to pull this stunt is none other than ‘Ganster’s Paradise’ guy Coolio who has decided to cash in on YouTube’s monetisation programme and his ability in the kitchen as you can see below:

Now – I’m not trying to say that artists shouldn’t be given opportunities to expand their repertoire. I’m almost certain that the majority of the best artists out there didn’t start out as one of the world’s best artists – I would say that most of them only started really delivering their seminal works later in their careers.
Bukowski (I’m aware he’s not a musician) started his life out very poorly indeed, famously starting out as a lecherous, drunken postman before he began committing his words to page. Harrison Ford only became Han Solo after labouring for George Lucas as a carpenter. Maybe Coolio will achieve great things in his recent culinary endeavor.

But in reality this probably isn’t going to happen.

Coolio is aware his musical career peaked a few years back and there’s no way he can turn back time to those halcyon days so he’s taken up whatever has come his way. Now he gets down on screen cooking shrimp – and that’s fine.

No need to get bummed out. Here are a list of rappers who haven’t quit the game and are producing some incredible records in their later years:

Prodigy (of Mobb Deep fame) went in on this record with hip-hop producer deity The Alchemist to produce one of this years hardest hitting rap albums which you can find by clicking here.

Killer Mike has been a pretty consistent voice in the heavy hip-hop zone for a good few years and yet only last year he produced one of the finest albums keeping with his strong tradition of song-writing and upping his game. Find it here to check it out.

And finally here is stomper Atmosphere delivering a huge beat and rhyme to their new track ‘Bob Seger’ which you can check out here.

See – not all doom and gloom.


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