Has Beyonce Made Her Fans Love Her Too Much?


A series of things have happened to Beyonce on her recent WORLD TOUR which would indicate that she’s perhaps driven her huge army of fans into a frenzy of love and appreciation which goes above and beyond regular fandom.

First of all there was the incident a few months ago where a fan in Copenhagen lost his grip on reality and genuinely believed he was ready for Beyonce’s jelly and (generously) slapped her rump.


Only the other day a man in Sao Paulo a man couldn’t contain his feelings (it’s undetermined what these feelings were) and leaped from the crowd and similarly to a fish who lives amongst the coral – dragged his victim into his lair.

This begs the question: where has the respect gone?

And why – after Beyonce has had a child – are men seeming to think it’s okay to break the fourth wall and try to cop a feel of Queen Bey?

The investigation will continue later in the week


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