#summerofmusic IV: Black Sabbath

ImageThe fact that Black Sabbath have re-formed with their original line-up to release a new album with entirely new material is actually a pretty massive deal.

There have been a number of semi-reformations over the years for Black Sabbath – most of which happened during the Ozzfest glory years or when he jammed out with crusty guys with amazing guitar skills to ‘Perry Mason’ (which you can check out live here).

Usually in the grand scheme of things more attention would be paid to the fact that one of the biggest (and arguably the original) metal bands in history are releasing original material with an original line-up – however as so often is the case in this day and age of high intensity release schedules with vast quantities of releases coming out every month (music journalists genuinely must be the most exhausted people in the world) it has become a little lost in the ether.

Don’t let it get lost in the ether – because it’s really good. It’s really loud and not in any way tame – it’s also a bit tongue in cheek and massively listenable.

Give it a go, throw horns and start a circle pit at work.

Listen to it here on rara


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