#Summerofmusic pt II: Glastonbury


So let’s go through why this summer is going to especially interesting for all of the music lovers, festival goers and fun seekers out there – despite the fact that the weather here is suddenly a bit lacklustre and disappointing.

But I’m going to go out on a limb here and go against my English stereotype – I won’t mention the weather again for the rest of this post.

Lovebox is already going to be huge – we’ll have a playlist up for you on this very soon. If you’ve never had the opportunity to go this year would be a good choice as there’s a beguiling selection of heavy weights such as Jurassic 5, Goldfrapp, Lil’ Kim and Mark Ronson along with some new blood such as Alunageorge, Disclosure, Gold Panda and Gaslamp Killer.

The most obvious thing that’s happening this summer that hasn’t happened for a few years is the now relatively family orientated leviathon that is Glastonbury. Why is this one so particularly interesting? Firstly it’s due to the fact that the man who has run it for the past 40 years or so Michael Eavis has passed on a considerable amount of control to his daughter Emily. It’s also the first time that The Rolling Stones have headlined the festival – something Eavis has wanted for the festival for many years and is somewhat of a surprise considering the festival doesn’t tend to pay the astronomical fees some acts demand (there’s probably a reason Pitbull and David Guetta have never played..).

Although it won’t attract a similar amount of controversy as Jay-Z and Queen Bey who have played previous years.

The line-up has been described as erring on the safe side however in reality Glastonbury is so big – with so many stages and such a huge variety of acts that it’d be difficult to have a generic or too main-stream an experience whilst you’re there.

The velocity ticket sales soar out of the door pay testament that this is one of the most highly anticipated musical events of the summer.

To give an idea of what can happen here are some of our highlights of the festival in years gone past:


2009: BLUR




#Summerofmusic pt I

ImageThe first of many reasons to be excited about summer this year in the world of music:

Lovebox is once again occurring and the lineup has become beyond ridiculous including some of the biggest names in hip-hop, dance, r’n’b, disco, funk, house and probably a lot of other journo-coined psuedo-genres.

Interestingly Lil’ Kim, the Queen of laydeeze Hip-Hop, is coming to London for the first time in 12 years to perform.

Prepare for quite a bit of flesh showing, 200 outfit changes and then despite it all you put your lighters up.

More details here along with full lineup.

Summer 2013: Most Anticipated Series


The music community breathes a collective sigh of relief as Liam Gallagher survives eating a blue M&M (via NME) and the world keeps on spinning on it’s groovy, carefree axis.

Summer (and quite a bit of pollen) is in the air & there is a lot in the musical calendar to be excited about this year; old bands re-form, new festivals sprout shoots, legendary festivals grow exponentially larger and new bands begin to get recognition. Here we go, The Summer of Music 2013 is upon us!

Look out for updates over the coming few days listing the most exciting things that are coming up this summer.