The Five Things You Need to Know – (mainly) Coachella Edition


1) Tame Impala met Danny DeVito at Coachella this weekend and – no surprises – the encounter got instagrammed.

It’s almost completetly impossible to tell whether they are quite tall or not. But they certainly look enormous.

2) After showing a pretty slick clip of their upcoming single ‘Get Lucky’ at Coachella the robotic, soulful duo Daft Punk have finally released a full version of their single here.

Addictive. And it’s got a preeeeetty solid groove. We dancin’

3) International (Edgeware Road based) man of musical mystery Jai Paul’s album was leaked on Bandcamp on Sunday and now has been swiftly retracted.

Allegedly his laptop was stolen and the artist has claimed that the record was ‘not really by him’. What a palava.

Via Owen Myers

4) The XX and Solange covered Aaliyah at (you guessed it) Coachella 2013

I’m not going to pretend all of these covers aren’t really great. Skip to 20 minutes for ‘Hot Like Fire’ – the above link is the whole hour long set at Coachella which is sublime. Amazing ability to control a crowd through mellow vibes.

5) Empire of the Sun have released their first new piece of music in 3 years in the form of ‘Alive’

Life affirming way of carving your way into the spring time with purpose.

(Via The NME)


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