The (More Than) Five Things You Need To Know


1) One Direction & The Wanted have begun to feud (again) on Twitter – it’s relatively entertaining but also a little bit sad (via The Sun)

2) Two members of congress are investigating Jay-Z and Beyonce’s trip to Cuba (via BBC)

As Cuba is not a legitimate holidaying location there are several members of congress investigating why the Carters were allowed to visit the country for their 5 year anniversary.

3) Wiley ‘walks away’ from Warner and starts up his own clubnight at Plastic People in Shoreditch (via Dummy Mag)

‘of course I’m running my own night at forward lol’ – direct quote

Check his new album out here

4) Yeah Yeah Yeahs perform live on Letterman with full choir as backing

Karen O with newly blonde hair looking and sounding as good as she ever did. We’ve missed her

Check out their catalogue here

5) Ray-J has writtena  song about Kim Kardashian aimed at Kanye West (Oooooh)

Because I suppose he’s still kind of irritated that she went with Yeezey and then got pregnant. I guess those rumours of her being a beard have been quashed then.

6) James Blake’s album has had a lot of digital marketing wrapped in it but he doesn’t care that much – if at all.

Listen to it here on rara

7) Chvrches did a cover of the Game of Thrones soundtrack


Check our their single ‘Recover’ here


8) Baroness Thatcher died & (you guessed it) Morrissey had something to say on her passing

Check out The Smiths catalogue here

9) Fleetwood Mac premiered new song ‘Sad Angel’ at a re-union gig on Saturday

10) Phoenix played a secret show in Williamsburg, Brookley (via Stereogum)

Check their new single here


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