The Five Things You Need To Know

Easter hops into the frame and then limps back out again, probably a little heavier, a little more tired and a little less inclined to eat chocolate 10 – 15 times a day.

We didn’t do an April Fool’s version of The Five Things You Need To Know because we’re caring and generous spirited people here at rara, we want to treat you right (see below to see the reactions to some of the less goodly publication’s April Fools capering).

2013 has been a year of musical treats thus far – we’ve had Bowie release an album on us, Daft Punk have re-wired their circuits, The Knife are set to return any time now with an album that is shaping up to be something epic, Justin Timberlake has re-emerged in smarter clothes than he used to wear and now out of far left field…


1) Prince has surfaced after blowing away crowds (and cobwebs) at SXSW this year. He’s released a new re-hash of ‘Purple Rain’ opener ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ which sounds like he performed it with KYUSS in the desert in a haze of purple smoke.

Which is a really good thing.

(via Holes In My Blog)


2) FACT Magazine pretended a new Boards of Canada album was coming out and some of their readers went postal.

Also a good thing.


3) There were also a whole heap of other April Fools gags involving Ted Nugent, Radiohead & headphones for cats. Check them out after the jump (via SPIN)

4) Drake has released a video for his new single ‘Toronto at 5AM’

He walks around a club and somehow finds a beach volleyball court/dance rehearsal space whilst he smokes and waxes lyrical about his career and his contemporarioes – is this a reflection on his last memorable encounter in a club? Probably not.


5) Beyoncé and Andre 3000 are going to cover Amy Winehouse for The Great Gatsby soundtrack.

(via E! Entertainment News)

Thank you very much for reading and we will see you later in the week.


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