Most Anticipated of 2013: SOLANGE


Solange Knowles has had a couple of guises over the years and despite being younger sister to one of the most successful ladies in R’n’B/Music history (hint: Beyoncé Knowles) she is far from playing second fiddle.

Describing herself as singer, song writer, dancer, DJ and model it’s not as though she’s been resting on her laurels – she is a busy lady. What is even more interesting is that she’s been working with meek production prince Devonte Hynes – a man who has had various incarnations; initially in Test Icicles, then in Lightspeed Champion and now in his current form he goes by Blood Orange. (Find all of these here on

Basically him and Pharrel have teamed up and dream teamed the production. It sounds sugary, sentimental, heartbroken, funky, early 90’s late 80’s infused pop with Prince leanings and given a sheen of style by Dev Hynes’s refined yet bombastic dress sense.

Her album ‘TRUE’ will come out this year and it will funk you up. & big up Dev Hynes too, that guy is great and I wish him every bit of success he deserves (a lot) in 2013.

Check her out here on



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