5 Things You Need To Know Today


Oh, music news.There sure is a lot of you, buddy. Let’s break it down. Just click the link for the full story.

1) Marilyn Manson is suing a woman who claimed to be engaged to him

Shock-rock creepy-guy Marilyn Manson is accusing musician and occult film maker Yolanda Tharpe of over 5 claims of defamation, misappropriation of common law right of publicity, unlawful use of Manson’s name for commercial advantage, and intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress with the shock rocker seeking £30,000 in compensation.

Tharpe is accusing Manson of being responsible for the death of two of her cats.

2) Lana Del Ray is rumoured to have started recording for her second album
3) The Smashing Pumpkins have announced a UK tour for 2013
4) Daft Punk are NOT going to play Glastonbury this year
5) The Strokes have named their new album ‘Comedown Machine’…?


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